Misha’s Baptism at Aylesbury

 The Aylesbury church witnessed a most memorable and a highly significant moment when

 Mihai-Fedor (Misha) Parascineti got baptised on Sabbath 12 October 2013 at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital, in the Aquatic Physiotherapy Rehabilitation (Hydrotherapy) Pool by Pastor Ron Clemow, assisted by the Physiotherapist from the hospital. This was a first time occurrence that has never happened before at the hospital. We praise God for this opportunity.

Misha who was born in Romania but of Ukrainian nationality gained his qualifications at the Pedagogic College, University of Letter (literature and grammar) as a teacher and translator, specialising in Slavic and Romanian languages where he spent 4 years, and afterwards worked  as a teacher in a college called Liceul NR2, Sighetul Marmatiei in  Romania. He arrived in England in 2007 and worked in the construction trade; later in 2008 he was married. In 2010, whilst on holiday in Romania he suffered an automobile accident leaving him a paraplegic. In July 2013, he had a short stay at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Coming from a strong Adventist family background and trying to cope with his medical, and other personal problems, he spent his time reading through the entire Bible. Daily reading of his Bible caused him to move into a more personal Bible study of 18-20 hours every day for two months.  Says Misha: ‘The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to a new understanding of the Bible  as I read through the New Testament, there was a burden in my heart that something must happen, so I decided to make a decision in August to take up the cross and follow Jesus’ example through baptism.’ Misha made enquiries about the church and was given directions from a Seventh-day Adventist nurse from the hospital and he has attended church ever since that time.

 Misha read his testimony; which can be found on the Aylesbury church website:  www.aylesburysdachurch.co.uk . Before he was baptised – his favourite hymn ‘Amazing Grace’ was sung beautifully by Vonda Phillips. This special baptism was witnessed by church members, visiting family and close friends.  Misha’s wish is that, his church family pray that God will empower him daily, to be a true witness to others, in his walk with God.

The day ended with an appeal from Pastor Clemow, pointing everyone to Jesus, and the need to recommit his/her life to God.

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