Aylesbury Seventh Day Church communications department is made up of a group of dedicated and creative individuals who are passionate about being worthy stewards of the church’s information. We believe it is our duty to effectively utilise the talents, the technology, the tools and people at our disposal to communicate effectively and ensure the message of Aylesbury Seventh Day Adventist Church is clear, uplifting and uncompromising and glorifies God both within the church and to the community at large.

We look after a number of things in Aylesbury Seventh Day Adventist Church including.

The Church Website

We manage the content, ensure it is up to date. It is our role to edit and publish information. It is possible that you may notice things that we can improve or things that need editing and in those situations, please feel free to contact us on


The Church Bulletin

If there is an event, an announcement or other vital piece of information that you feel is best communicated through the bulletin, please contact the communications team. Additionally, if there are amendments to existing announcements or if you need something removed please also let us know on


The deadline for submissions for the bulletin is Thursday evening at 7:00PM

Operating the Audio Visual Equipment

We also manage, update, maintain and operate the computers and audiovisual and communications equipment in church. If you intend to utilise powerpoint or project multi-media, let us know in advance so we can ensure that everything is in place before worship or before the event you are planning. You can also approach the deacons with such requests.

We strongly believe that the work we do should glorify God’s name, therefore, if you have suggestion or questions about other aspects of work under the remit of the communications team, feel free to email on Aylesbury.communication.dept@gmail.com or approach Brother Joey. 

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