The book of Acts gives a clear and informative account of the institution of the role  and office of the Deacon.  Aylesbury Seventh Day Adventist Church deacons serve in a variety of functions including

1. Assistance at Services and Meetings – Deacons generally take a lead role in ensuring that the Church building is open and avail themselves to tasks including serving on the platform, collecting tithes, gifts and offerings as well as welcoming visitors and members and ushering.

2. Visitation of Members – Wherever possible, Deacons participate in visitation with the Elders and Pastor. The deacon’s role is a spiritual role and visiting the sick, the elderly and infirm ensures they fullfill this role.

3. Preparation for Baptismal Services – Baptismal Services are of major importance both to the baptismal candidate and to the church as a whole. The deacons take a lead in ensuring the baptistry and other aspects of the church are ready for the special service.

4. Assistance at the Communion Service – Communion is an important service in which Deacons peform a pivotal role. At Aylesbury Seventh Day Adventist Church, the team of deacons take care of the needs of the members in both the ordinance of humility and the the serving of the bread and wine.

6. Care and Maintenance of Church Property – Deacons in Aylesbury Seventh Day Adventist Church play an active part in ensuring the Church is secure and well maintained.  Deacons also assist the Communications Department in ensuring that the Audio Visual equipment is maintained and all issues discussed with the Communications director.