Aylesbury Seventh Day Adventist Church Family Minstries is a ministry is an important ministry in that it is one that encompasses the needs of everyone and is targeted at everyone in the church. At its core is the fundamental principle that the family was established by divine creation as the fundamental human institution.  We focus on relationships not just amongt people but relationships of families with God and individuals in the church family with God.  We are concerned about the needs of all members from married couples to single people, from parents and children, as well as those planning to have families. It is not just practical needs but social and most importantly spiritual needs that we are concerned with. Life today is unpredictable and harsh, and many changes and challenges are thrown at us. With a focus on the family we provide a means to find stability in Christ through God’s grace and guidance. Aylesbury Seventh Day Adventist Family Life Ministries promote prayer, study, fellowship, and hope to organise seminars, programmes and other events to encourage the church to grow as a family in Christ.